JOHN E.S. LAWRENCE, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Columbia University (SIPA), New York (2002-21), and Principal Adviser UNDP (1988-98)

Address/Phone: 141-N Grove St., Stamford, Ct 06901 Phone/Fax: 203 327 2253


NATIONALITY: UK born; USA (naturalized) LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish

SPECIALTIES: public policy on capacity development, human resources development & livelihoods; education/labor/health project design/evaluation; management, virtual teams; information technologies (IT) and sustainable social development; .


2021 Faculty Advisor to Columbia University (SIPA) and UNDP (Accelerator Labs) and UNICEF (GenU: National Education Policy of India)

2020 Faculty Advisor to Columbia University (SIPA) and UNDP on scaling strategy for Accelerator Labs

2019 Faculty Advisor to Columbia University (SIPA) and UNDP on Innovation Lab in Georgia and Humanitarian-Development Nexus in Jordan

2018 Faculty Advisor to Columbia University (SIPA) and UNDP on SDG Innovation Labs in  Armenia and Kyrgystan

2017 Faculty Advisor to Columbia University, UNDP and East West Management Institute on SDG Monitoring in Kosovo and Mekong Delta countries

2016 Faculty Advisor to Columbia University/UNDP and Indonesian Government on SDG monitoring

2015 Advisor to Bangladesh Consul General to USA and Minister of Public Administration on employment.

2014 Keynote address to UNDP/GIZ/SDC Baku workshop on economic diversification and jobs

2014 Faculty Advisor, Columbia University/UNDP workshop on South-South and Tri-lateral Cooperation

2014 Panelist on Sustainable Development, UN Psychology Day, UN Secretariat, New York

2014-Present, Board of Directors, Americans for UNESCO, Chair, Nominations Committee

2014 Chair, Panel on Eco-Civilzation, Baku Forum, Azerbaijan

2013 Moderator, Panel on Sustainable Human Development, Baku Forum, Azerbaijan

2013-Present, New York Host:

2002-17 Adjunct Professor, Management for International Affairs, SIPA, Columbia University, New York, and Faculty Adviser to joint Columbia University/UNDP workshop teams on SDG/MDG achievement, capacity development, social networks, south-south cooperation and human resources

2012 Resource Team UNDP, ILO and UNDESA e-discussion on Jobs, Decent Work and Inclusive Growth

2010-12 Consultant to Azerbaijan Ministry of Labor and Social Protection on World Bank-funded employment service program.

2009-2010 Consultant to UN System Staff College, Turin, Italy on professional certification strategy

2008-9 Instructor/Adviser, UNDP Virtual Development Academy, New York and Jakarta, Indonesia

2007-9 Team Leader, EU integration NHDR for Albania; Consultant on Virtual office networks for human development, UNDP Baku, and UNRWA Lebanon on `the missing male in schools’; also private sector adviser to HH Mozah Bint Nasser Program on Youth Unemployment, Qatar, and to Conserva Inc. and Bratislava Regional Center UNDP on disability policy.

2006 Virtual panelist/author UNESCO/ UNEVOC Vietnam Conference on TVET & Sustainable Development

2006-8 Professional Development Advisor, Virtual internetwork, UNDP Baku, Azerbaijan.

2006 Consultant to UNDP Policy Bureau on Capacity Development and Internetworks.

2006 Consultant to Government of Azerbaijan, Human Resources Development and IT.

Nov 2004 to June 2005. Consultant to UNDP on program management/capacity development guidelines.

2004 Consultant to Asian Development Bank on program administration/management in 5-country study. Field missions to Vietnam, Bangladesh.

2004 Consultant to World Bank, Office of Advisor on Disability & Development, and Norwegian Government on Education For All (EFA) Disability Flagship framework.

2003 Consultant to UNDP Policy Bureau on project management systems; Consultant to World Bank, diversity and social development; Consultant to MHCI on labour market information systems, Sana’a, Yemen; Consultant to UNDP Baku and the Azerbaijan Government on employment policy.

1999 – 2002: Consultant, ManageforResults: to UNDP on human resources development ; Consultant/Advisor to several multilateral and bilateral development organizations on IT & EFA: HIV/AIDS and human development. Consultant to UNESCO and DFID on EFA Framework for Dakar Conference.

1998 Director (AI) Global Information Network Hub, United Nations Development Program, and Deputy Director, Social Development Division, Bureau of Development Policy, UNDP.

1988-1997 Principal Technical Advisor (HRD), UNDP Bureau for Policy and Program Support. [Specialty: IT and sustainable human development policy in labor, education and health sectors, and backstopping around half a billion dollars in multisectoral programming worldwide]

1988-1994 Adjunct Professor of Psychology, North Carolina State University.

1977-1988. Senior Research Psychologist, Center for Population and Policy Studies. Research Triangle Institute, North Carolina. Contract R&D work for US and foreign governments. Specialty: integrated education/health/employment.

l972 -l977. Faculty Research Associate, and Instructor, North Carolina State University Department of Psychology, Raleigh, North Carolina.

l970 – l972. Director, Bowen Academic Residence Program, North Carolina State University.

Summer l969. Research Psychologist, PROJECT THEMIS. Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska. Project THEMIS Psychological research on effects of high altitude on human behaviour during two ascents of Mt Mckinley (North and South Peaks).

l968-l970. Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor, Department of Psychology, NCSU.

l966-l967. Leader, New Zealand Antarctic Research Program Expedition to Victory Mountains, Antarctica.

l96l – l968. Senior and Chief Instructor, Outward Bound Schools in England, Australia, New Zealand and United States.

l956 – l967. Royal Marines Commando U.K.; RMFVR service with Australian Commando, and New Zealand AIrforce. Lieutenant/Instructor and amphibious assault specialist at Commando School, Royal Marines, Bickleigh. Instructor with NSW Regiment of Commando, and NZAF Mountain Rescue Team.


B.A. (1961) (Honors), M.A. (1968) Exeter College, Oxford University, England.

M.Sc., (1972), PH.D. (1976) (Psychology/HRD) North Carolina State University. USA.


1993 , 1998 UNDP Dedicated Service Awards

1983 RTI Professional Development Award for research on public sector social policy.

  1. National Academy of Sciences Dissertation Award for mathematical game theory research.

1967-1988 Four national awards from US National Ski Patrol for volunteer public service

1958-1961 County Scholarship to Exeter College, Oxford.

1952 Violin scholarship to Oundle School


Presenter/Moderator, Baku Humanitarian Forum September 2016

Consultant and Senior Associate on CSR, Michael Hopkins International, New York 2015

Chair, Sustainability and Human Development Panel, Baku Humanitarian Forum 2014.

Invited Moderator/Presenter, Baku International Humanitarian Forum, October/November 2013

2010-2012 On-site research in Baku, and Vienna on Active Labor Market Programs

Fall 2009 through Summer 2010, Consultant, UN System Staff College, Torino, Italy

Instructor/Adviser, UNDP Consortium Virtual Development Academy, Jakarta, Indonesia, January 2009

Team Leader, NHDR UNDP Tirana, Albania 2007-8

‘Expert’ Participant, Workshop on Youth Unemployment, Doha, Qatar, June 2007

Moderator, HR Panel, UNDP Conference `Let the Evidence Speak’; Madrid, Spain, 2006

Consultant to UNDP, Baku and Azerbaijan Government on HR policy and IT development. 2005-6

Management Consultant to United Nations Development Program, New York 2005, 2006.

Informal (pro bono) consultations to University of Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras. 2004-5

Two months onsite, in-country consultation with ADB on 5-country management study in South Asia. 2004.

Eight weeks consultancy to World Bank, Norwegian Government and EFA (UNESCO) Flagship on Disability. 2004

Five weeks consulting in Azerbaijan for national employment planning September 2003

Consultant to UNDP Policy Bureau on country program management policy May-August 2003

Five weeks on labour market information in Yemen July/August 2003

Consultant to World Bank on Diversity and Social Development 2002-4

Senior Author, UN Secretary-General’s Report on Human Resources Development, 2001, 1995, 1993,

Consultant to UNDP Ukraine on human resources development 2001

UNDP Senior Delegate to AIDS 2000, Durban, South Africa, July 2000.

Consultant to UK/DFID, USAID, UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNAIDS, and Education

Development Center, Newton, Massachusetts. 1998-2000.

UNDP Senior Delegate, World Education Forum, Dakar, Senegal, April 2000

Participant/Advisor, Dialog on Youth Employment Summit, J F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, September 15 – 15th 1999.

Panellist, 2nd International Vocational/Technical Education Congress, Seoul, Korea April 26 – 30th, 1999

UNDP Head of Delegation, World Conference on Higher Education, Paris, France, 1998.

UNDP Principal Officer, UNDP Global Hub INTERNET design project 1997-1998.

ILO INTERNET `Virtual’ Panel of Experts on Technology & Jobs 1998

UNDP International Working Group on Sustainable Livelihoods, 1996-1998

Chair, UNDP INTERNET Panel, International GKD97 Conference, Toronto, 1997.

Head, UNDP delegation to International Adult Education Conference (CONFINTEA V) International Bureau of Education, Hamburg, Germany 1997.

UNDP Principal Officer, Social Summit INTERNET Study. 1994-6.

Chair, UNDP Working Group, World Summit on Social Development 1994-1995.

UNDP Delegate and Senior Liaison, International Consultative Forum, Education for All, 1992-8.

UNDP Coordinator and Delegate, World Conference on Education for All, Jomtien, Thailand 1990



Consultant to the World Bank and Government of Indonesia on 2nd Health Sector Loan Project, Kalimantan Timur and Nusa Tengara Barat, 1988.

Team Leader, Human Resources Development Assessment in the Water Sector, USAID/WASH Project, Swaziland, 1987.

Consultant to World Bank and Municipal Corporations of Madras and Bombay, India, in Health & Family Welfare, 1986-1987.

Senior Project team member on Harvard University/USAID Education Project BRIDGES, 1985-88.Field work in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama 1986, and Burundi 1986-88.

Consultant to World Bank, and Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Planning, Population and Welfare Division, on human resources management, September 1985.

Consultant to World Bank, and Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health, on human resources development in the population sector, January to March 1985, and September 1985.

Consultant to Asian Development Bank for higher education institutional planning for relocation of Sriwijaya University, South Sumatra, Indonesia, 1984.

RTI project leader in preparation of HRD planning guidelines for developing countries (USAID); and occupational employment estimates for Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Department of Labour), 1983.


Team Leader/Senior Representative/Advisor on official multi- or bi-lateral human development missions/assignments to Albania, Armenia,  Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kosovo, Kenya, Kyrgystan, Lesotho, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Santo Domingo, Senegal, Slovakia, South Africa, Swaziland, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Previous citizen and/or permanent resident of UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


Moderator/Presenter Civil Service SDG Training Seminar, Baku,  June 2017

Moderator, Ecocivilization Panel, Baku Humanitarian Forum, 2016

Senior Associate, MHCI International CSR Forum, New York City 2015

Presenter/Panelist in moderated discussion on Psychologists and the UN, New York UN Psychology Day, April 2014. (See full-length video here).

Moderator, Panel on Sustainable Human Development & Ecological Civilization, Baku Forum, Azerbaijan Oct-November, 2013

Panelist, UNDP Global E-Discussion on `decent work’ March-April 2012

Chair, Mayoral Task Force on Higher Education, Stamford, Connecticut , 2010-12

Senior Associate, the RISE Institute, Washington DC

Reviewer, World Public Sector Report, United Nations, New York. 2005

Adviser to UK Government, several UN agencies, and University of Pretoria on impact of HIV/AIDS on education sectors, 1998-2000,

Adviser to GINIE project of University of Pittsburgh 1998-present, see

Independent Task Force on Community Action for Social Development. Department of International Health. Johns Hopkins University. 1994-5.

ILO Panel on New Approaches to Manpower Planning & Analysis, Geneva, 1991.

Advisory Group, National Adult Literacy Center, University of Pennsylvania. 1990-95.

UNESCO International Working Group on Education, International Institute of Educational Planning, Paris, France. 1988-1992

Senior Consultant, U.S. National Assessment of Vocational Education, 1986.

Associate Editor, Evaluation Review, 1984-87.

Consultant to Governor’s Oversight Committee on Labour Market Information, North Carolina, 1983.

U.S. Southern Regional Education Board Advisory Panel on Human Resource Development, 1983.

Consultant to the Southern Growth Policies Board on interstate HRD policy development, 1983 -1984.

Member, National Training Safety Review Panel, Outward Bound Incorporated, 1982.

Research Associate, Committee on Evaluation of Employment and Training Programs, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., l979.

Guest Lecturer, Columbia U; North Carolina at Chapel Hill; North Carolina State University, and Duke.

Member, North Carolina State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee, N.C. Department of Administration, l978.

Journal article reviews for Psychological Bulletin, Science, Psychological Review, and Evaluation Review, 1975-87.

National Task Force on Vocational Education Data Systems, Washington, D.C. 1977.


J.E.S. Lawrence. `Engaging Civil Society in the SDGs: Evidence from Europe and Asia’. UNDP/EU Conference on Modern Civil,Service: New Paradigms, Innovations and Practices. Baku,  Azerbaijan June 5-6 2017.

J.E.S. Lawrence. Engaging Civil Society in SDG Monitoring. Baku Humanitarian Forum, September 2016

J.E.S. Lawrence. Fostering human resourcefulness. Presentation at UN Psychology Day, April 2014.

J.E.S. Lawrence. Human Resources and Sustainable Development: Silo or Synthesis? Presentation to Baku Humanitarian Forum, Oct-Nov 2013

J.E.S. Lawrence. Employment Opportunities for Connecticut’s Future: Presentation to Mayor’s Office, Stamford, March 2012

J.E.S. Lawrence and R. Bakhshaliyev. Presentation on ALMP Job Club Manual, Baku, Azerbaijan February 2012 .

Lawrence J.E.S. Keynote address to European Ropes Course Association on origin of challenge courses in military and civilian settings. Swindon, UK. December 2010

Lawrence J.E.S. A Certification Strategy for the UN Staff College. Turin, Italy, June 2010

Lawrence J.E.S. Keynote Address to 20th Anniversary, American Association for Challenge Course Technologies, Atlanta, Ga. February 2010

Lawrence J.E.S. Keynote Address: United Nations and Human Resources Development Policy. Texas A&M University. April 2008.

Lawrence J.E.S. UN Perspectives on HRD. Keynote Address, University of Minnesota, Chataqua Celebration, May 2008

Lawrence J.E.S. The Reverse Gender Gap in Palestine: a Worldwide Problem? Paper prepared for UNRWA Beirut. November 2007.

Lawrence J.E.S. Framework for ECIS Programming for Persons Living with Disabilities. Regional Center, UNDP Bratislava. October 2007

Facilitator/Chair, Human Resources Panel, `Let the Evidence Speak’ Forum on Capacity Development, Madrid, Spain 2006

Moderator, University of Connecticut World Forum Panel, `Power of the Vote Wordlwide’. National Endowment for Democracy. September 28, 2005.

Author, Vietnam and Bangladesh Country Reports on SES five country study to ADB Manila, October 2004.

Presenter, Panel on International Development and HRD, 18th IDB Education Meeting, Sydney, Australia, October, 2004

Author, Flagship Action Framework paper on Education for All: Keeping the Promise of Inclusion for People with Disabilities. For World Bank Disability and Development Team. 2004

Author, working paper on Education for Tolerance: a New Urgency. For World Bank Human Development Network. 2003.

Contributor, team report on employment policy for Government of Azerbaijan, Baku, September 2003

Labour Market Information for Government of Yemen, San’aa August 2003

Web-based Course materials on Management & International Relations. Columbia University 2003

Guest Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pennsylvania, University of Connecticut, and University of North Carolina. 2000 -2002

Prepared First Draft of Dakar Framework on Education for All, International EFA Steering Committee, UNESCO, Paris, France 1999.

Panellist, EFA Regional Conference for Southern Africa, Johannesburg, December 1999.

Co-author, UNDP paper on Education and Human Rights. Presented to Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Geneva, November 1998.

Plenary Address, World Conference on Higher Education, Paris, 1998. see

Chair, Panel on Sustainable Livelihoods, Global Knowledge Development Conference, Toronto, June 1997 (The INTERNET as a discussion forum for development).

Teamleader and Principal Author, UN Secretary-General’s Report on Human Resources Development, 1993,1995, 2001

UNDP Representative and Presenter, 30th Congress, International Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg, 1990.


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